September 28, 2021

My painting "Group Hug" was just awarded "Artwork Best Representing Theme" in the Historic Beverly exhibit "Strength, Perseverance and Hope" which emphasized our pandemic experience.
The art was judged by art specialists, but also by some people from the local community– which made it even more special to me.

My other painting "Last Hug," also in the exhibit, depicted the show's theme as well– almost more so, as it features a good friend who truly experienced strength, perseverance and hope.

Pastel & Mixed Media 

August 9, 2021

Popsicles! pastel painting by Johanna Bohoy

Hot and humid.
Ice on 2 sticks.
Grape, cherry, orange.
Companions for companions.

8"x10" Pastel  [SOLD-Texas]

Thank You Basket illustration by Bohoy

Watercolor illustration of food products for Massachusetts Specialty Food's "Thank You Basket. "


July 15, 2021


That dog in the window

A fluff of white

Watching; waiting

They're gone!

Where's the chocolate.

Pastel, 8x10.


April 29, 2021

Oscars Red Carpet 2021-Wings on the Runway ©Bohoy

No runway to speak of.

No zoom; no masks.

No hosts to boast.

Big shoulders. 

With wings of freedom.

Mixed media, 10x8.


April 21, 2021


In Bermuda there was beautiful young schoolgirl on a bus dressed in brights that matched the houses and flowers that whizzed by. I did not see that she was black. I saw a colorful child that I needed to paint.

When I had my very first job as a teen painting signs in Corning, New York I saw a hilarious man that I respected who was my first boss. I did not see that he was black. 

When I hired a photographer at my first design job in Boston I saw a talented, wonderful man who took the creative photos that I needed. I did not see that he was black. 

It wasn’t even a thought in my head each time. NOT  THOUGHT.

What is wrong with those in our world that don’t see a person as a person. 

March 16, 2021


The newborns.
Glad to be alive. 
Frolic and dance, bounce and bob, jump, and scamper, and skip on the green.
Spring is coming.

Pastel, 5x7, 2009, British Isles.

February 4, 2021

January 20, 2021



Watercolor, 2009, 5"x7", matted, $135.



December 22, 2020


Just as the trees, flowers, vegetation, and animals share the earth; so do we. All colors, all countries, all creeds.

We are all ornaments on the tree of life.

Celebrate this diversitree.

Pastel, 9x12.