August 31, 2009

Field of Dreams

A knuckle ball?
Curve ball?
Scew ball?

Hit it?
One chance.
That's life.

Pastel, 5x7

August 20, 2009

August 18, 2009

Market to Market

Ripe red tomatoes, juicy peaches, hot peppers, sweet corn...

all gifts of the earth, the farms, and the sun.

"Farmstand" pastel painting [SOLD]

My painting "Farmstand" was used on the cover of the just published book by Merry Stetson Hall- BRINGING FOOD HOME: THE MAINE EXAMPLE.

August 12, 2009

Toes & tulle

Done for the day?
Just beginning?

Pastel, 5x7

August 5, 2009

August is Popsicles

Forget cake.
Forget candy.
Forget sodapop.
August is popsicles. Cherry, orange, raspberry, lemon and lime...
Give me grape. When I was little, the ice cream man would ring his bell and we'd go flying outside to pick our choice of the colored ice on 2 sticks. One bite of a grape popsicle to this day brings me back to those carefree summers of bare feet, shorts, games and fireflies.

8"x10" Pastel  [SOLD-Texas]