August 10, 2023

Travel Memory-Greece

"Island Siren" © Johanna Bohoy, 2016, Watercolor, 8x10

White Washed & Blue

Deep blue water, pale blue sky, 

sunshine whites, and fuschia brights.

Drink in hand, barefoot, and free.

A siren from the sea is calling me.

"Cat's House" © Johanna Bohoy, 1990, pastel.

Cat’s House

Classical ruins.

Ancient & rare. 

Tourists: “Do not touch!"


But the cat will.

It’s his home. 

The column– his couch. 

The sun– his heat.

A privileged king in his castle.

“Light Caught in Greece” ©Johanna Bohoy, 1978, Glyfada, Greece, Watercolor, 13x13

Light caught in Greece

The day is long

The sun slow to leave.

The light is caught

and the shadows wait.

The door– soon to close 

and the flowers to bed.

Goodnight Greece.

~ Johanna Bohoy