March 15, 2023

Oscars Red Carpet 2023- Gloved & Glamorous- by Bohoy

Gloved & Glamourous

Like the turn of the century ladies, when gloves were de rigueur for proper etiquette, and were objects of luxury, elegance and refinement, these stars covered their arms on the runway. But it was not for the reason of etiquette (note the exposed shoulders & decollage)— it was all about the fashion. 

Laverne Cox, Ruth E. Carter, Emily Blunt and Deepika Padukone.

Pastel, 10x8


March 6, 2023

Travel memories- Ireland dawns by J. Bohoy

From a trip to Ireland, too long ago:

It's dawn.

Aqua mist reveals:

the hills; the castle; the velvet greens.

the moss, the mounds; a mirrored lake.

A silent Irish beauty.

1974, Acrylic, 26x26

Artist's collection.


 In an Irish cottage:

A rich little place.
Blossoms on walls envelop the room.
With treasures of paintings, furniture, and lace.
Touring the cottage- no one's around.
She looks in the mirror- not to be found.

1974, Acrylic 36 x 39

Happy St Patrick's Day!

February 7, 2023

Travel memories- Portugal-Bohoy

In yesterday’s Boston Sunday Globe newsaper I was interviewed for their VIP travel section entitled “A VIP reader talks about all things travel.” Read it here:

In honor of travel (and that time of year when we think of traveling) I will be featuring my travel paintings– starting with Portugal:

Travel. Tired. Trip into bed.
Trays of bread, butter, sweets and coffee wait outside the door in the early morn. Obrigado

Pastel of Villa Real, Portugal, 2008
Original NFS [email for available print]

In Nazare a Fisherman's widow dressed in all black strolls the beach with the background of the unforgiving azure blue sea.

Pastel, 2008 [email for available available]

January 18, 2023

Birthday of a New Year 2023-Bohoy

Light the candles for Chanukah.

Light the candles for Christmas.

Light the candles for the birthday of a New Year.

Paint it glorious.


Pastel, 2008