April 29, 2021

Oscars Red Carpet 2021-Wings on the Runway ©Bohoy

No runway to speak of.

No zoom; no masks.

No hosts to boast.

Big shoulders. 

With wings of freedom.

Mixed media, 10x8.


April 21, 2021


In Bermuda there was beautiful young schoolgirl on a bus dressed in brights that matched the houses and flowers that whizzed by. I did not see that she was black. I saw a colorful child that I needed to paint.

When I had my very first job as a teen painting signs in Corning, New York I saw a hilarious man that I respected who was my first boss. I did not see that he was black. 

When I hired a photographer at my first design job in Boston I saw a talented, wonderful man who took the creative photos that I needed. I did not see that he was black. 

It wasn’t even a thought in my head each time. NOT  THOUGHT.

What is wrong with those in our world that don’t see a person as a person.