November 16, 2016

My quilt

From my exhibit- "Many years; Many faces"  Category: Me

I started this art sometime, many years ago– 
a self portrait
with a quilt covering of things in the world that were part of me; some unwillingly.
The plan was to keep adding to my quilt of life over the years. Recently I discovered it in a drawer –many years later.
So, I added some more things; very aware that there are large gaps of missing time.
To be continued...

“My quilt”  ?-2016, 12.5 x 17, Ink & watercolor, NFS

November 9, 2016

Quirky cat

From my exhibit- "Many years; Many faces" 
Category: pets

All stately and reserved.
Coat of insulated armor.
To protect in his outdoor kingdom.
One minute he cuddled; the next he’d split.
A mysterious and wonderful cat.

Mixed media, 11 x 14.5, $125.