June 16, 2011

Got your back. Father's Day, pastel, Bohoy

Little arms in big arms.
Protection. Strength.
Trust. Love.

Happy Father's Day.

pastel, 8x10 NFS

June 7, 2011

Napoleonic era POW ship modelmakers, pastel, Bohoy

During the Napoleonic era, French prisoners of war had to find resourceful ways to spend their long imprisonment. On the encouragement of their captors, they constructed ship models from recycled cattle bone, boxwood, whale baleen, or sometimes from more exotic materials supplied by the local citizenry, e.g., silk, gold, silver foil, ivory, tortoise shell, etc. The resulting ships were remarkable in their authenticity and today are sought after by collectors of antique ship models and Napoleonic objets d'art.

Pastel, 8x10, framed, museum glass.
Painting commissioned to accompany exhibition and sale of these Napoleonic era 1793-1815 POW ship models. For purchase email: wall@shipmodel.com
To view antique shipmodel collection go to: American Marine Model Gallery.