September 24, 2012


It all started with a trip to home Depot to get hardware. 
Next thing- we were transporting a fig tree home in our little car.
I had always wanted a fig tree to accompany our lemon trees and to pretend I am in Italy- in New England.
It was marked way down due to scrawniness. The only one there, and all alone. One little stalk with leaves puffing out. Into the herb garden it went, next to the rose tree, in the full sun. It grew. It was happy. 
But not as happy as I was when it sprouted many little buds-- that became figs. Real figs. Like we had in Italy. Like my Grandpa's. Mamma Mia- one day one was big enough to pick. And eat! With a slab of Brie. Cosi felice! Here it is.
Pastel  5 x 7  $125.

September 13, 2012

Canned flowers

If we could only can the summer flowers.
'Put them up' for the winter.
When things are gray, or blue-
we could open the jar; 
smell the perfume,
touch the beauty, 
and taste the summer.
Food for the soul.
Grandma knew.

Pastel, 5x7, $150.

September 12, 2012

Sun flowers

Catch the sun in a flower before the frost does. 

Pastel, 8x10, $150.