December 28, 2019

Group hug

Hugs we all need.
šŸŽ¶Altogether now. Altogether now. šŸŽ¶
Friends, family- maybe strangers.
A year of loss, division, unrest.
Keep your loved ones close.
A new year is coming.
Group hug.

December 6, 2019

"Beefy" beauty

Angus the dog.
"Beefy" but beautiful.
Fur of black velvet and smooth silk.
Soulful eyes.
Now sitting on a cloud.

Pastel, 10x8, commission, SOLD

December 5, 2019

On exhibit...

Two of my paintings
"Patiently Waiting for Spring" (which won a runner up award) and
"New View" are currently on display through December in a juried art exhibit "Along the Coast"
by Historic Beverly located at the John Cabot House. 

Both pastels. 10x8, and 5x7.