August 19, 2011

August 11, 2011

Blueberry Season

The blues are here.
All kinds of blue.
Shades of blue.
Feelin' blue?

Pastel, 5x7, $135.

August 5, 2011

Fran Rose, pastel, Bohoy

We thank you for this earth, our home;
for the wide sky and the blessed sun,
for the ocean and streams,
for the towering hills
and the whispering wind,
for the trees and green grass.

We thank you for our senses
by which we hear the songs of birds,
and see the splendor of fields of sunsets
and starry nights,
and taste autumn's fruit,
rejoice in the feel of snow,
and smell the breath of the flowers.
To Ma Berk

Pastel, 5x7 SOLD