February 24, 2015

Oscar red carpet 2015-Architectural Runway

Architecture on the red carpet.
Ladies on a red pedestal, molded of alabaster and marble, a draped detail, pearl molding, a croset structure, a banded column, and a fleuron.

All Caryatids [sculpted female figures] ready for the podium.

Pastel, 10x8, $150.
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February 10, 2015

Box of Hearts

In February I wear a heart everyday. My collection is nestled in empty velvet chocolate boxes and each represents people or things that I love. See grid.
1. Steuben glass heart- It all started as a teen when I bought a glass heart made by Corning Glass. A teardrop was suspended within- how could I resist? The original was three times the size but it was stolen and replaced by this one. 
2. Ballet pink sparkly heart- for my love of ballet, music & dance. I wear it to ballet class.
3. Swarovski red crystal heart- from my loved husband.
4. Tiffany silver heart- from loved stepdaughter Robin.
5. Purple heart- for all of life's wars I've bravely fought.
6. Vintage pink stone & pearl heart - from my loved sister.
7. Black Jet Mourning heart- for all those lost that I loved.
8. Swirl black & white heart- for my swirl of loved friends & family.
9. Copper engraved heart- my favorite metal- for my health.
10. Green Malachite heart- for my love of nature.
11. Painted sunflower heart- from loved stepdaughter Kim.
12. Sea shell heart- a gift from the sea.
13. Leopard heart- for my loved animals.
14. Antique Art Nouveau heart- for my love of antiques & the arts.
15. Porcelain Rose heart- for my love of roses & flowers.
16. Amber heart- from my honeymoon in Dominican Republic.
17. Italian Murano heart- for my love of travel, esp Italy.
18. Aquamarine glass heart- for my favorite color.
19. White cut out lace heart- for my love of lace and all things hand made. Full circle back to Corning Glass who made the heart.

And I have more. 

Pastel, 9 x 11.5, NFS