December 31, 2010

A toast to 2011

Happy New Year to all!

Watercolor, 8x10, commission.
[SOLD, New York]

December 21, 2010

Christmas Amaryllis

Just in time for Christmas... a peppermint bloom.
Pastel, 7.5"x 9", $125.

December 2, 2010

Cutting the Christmas Tree, pastel

Christmas trees,
row after row.
Big ones, small ones, skinny ones, fat ones.
Blue ones, green ones- pine or fir.
Named Spruce, Scotch, Balsam, Douglas, Fraser, Norway and Noble.
Which one will stand at attention,
swathed in lights,
on that certain starry night?

Pastel, 5x7, $100.
SOLD [New Jersey]

November 23, 2010

"A toast." watercolor

Thanks. Dankij. Efharisto! Todo. Merci. Grazie. Obrigado. Esker. Hvala. Gracias. Tak. Salamat. Kiitos. Mesi. Köszönöm. Go raibh maith agat. Terima kasih. Paldies. Dzieki. Vd'aka. Diolch. Danke. Spasibo. Efharisto!
Watercolor, 5x7

November 17, 2010

November Browns

Brings brown.
Brun branches.
Taupe trees.
Tan tall grass.

Dirt brown ground.
Stone stones.
Brown is beautiful.
Against baby blue skies.

Pastel, 5x7, $110.

November 10, 2010

Vignette: Chambermaid

People at work.

Clean up.
Straighten up.
Fold up the towels.
Wipe up the counter.
Make up the bed.

Fluff the pillows
...leave a chocolate.

[Oheka Castle in Long Island]

Pastel, 5x7, $100.

November 3, 2010

It's Raining Leaves

A quiet street. Not a soul around.
But the leaves put on a show anyway.
Like acrobats they glide thru the air,
flying with the greatest of ease.
Like dancers they pirouette,
turning, and whirling.
Done- they nosedive, nudged by the wind.
And like trained pilots,
land with precision,
on a runway of pillows-
red, orange, yellow and green.

Pastel, 5x7, $100.

October 26, 2010

Parade of Costumes

From my exhibit- 
"Many years; Many faces"
Category: Kids 

Superwomen, Supermen, Rockers, Princesses, Pirates and more...whatever you want to be.
Starts at an early age. It's not just about the candy.

Pastel, 5x15, $150.

October 19, 2010


Farms and fences and foliage.
A horse in the distance.
It's looking like fall.

Pastel, 5x7
[SOLD, New York]

October 6, 2010

Farm Fresh- egg crates, pastel

A sepia scene.
But 2010.
At an inn
in a barn
breakfast was served.
Egg crates, egg white bucket.
Not an egg in sight.
But I could taste 'em.
They were farm fresh.
[Bethel, New York, on a trip to Woodstock]
Pastel, 8x10, $150.

September 30, 2010

September 22, 2010

Morning Glory-last day of summer, watercolor

The last day of summer.
So glorious that I had to paint outside.
A pot of still-budding morning glories.

Plein Air Watercolor, 8x10, $140.

September 16, 2010

Patriots, Rah-Rah-Sis-Boom-Ba, football team, field goal, pastel

They play. We cheer.
Between beer and sausages, time-outs, and touch downs---
we as a team get it done.

Pastel, 8x10, $150.

September 8, 2010

Lonely Summer Porch, pastel

Well, it's over.
How can that be?
Still warm.
Flowers still.
Shells on a pillow.
Bees are buzzing.
But Labor Day said,
"It's over."

Pastel, 5x7, $125.

August 25, 2010

Tribute to Monet: haystacks, pastel

What can we to do on this fine summer day?
Ride to the local farm for cider donuts & cup 'a Joe.
On the way- framed by sunglasses- a Monet painting.
Not as impressionistic- but impressionable.
Haystacks floating like fat cows resting on a sea of green.

Road to Russell Farms, Ipswich, MA.

Pastel, 8x10, $150.

August 11, 2010

Row, row, row your boat gently down the shore.

Row, row, row your boat gently down the shore.

Pastel, 8" x 10", $135.

August 4, 2010

Chocolate Soufflé, pastel

Chocolate in any from is go(o)d.
But a pouf of soufflé in your mouth–
helps the medicine of the day go down.

Pastel, 5x7, Commission. NFS yet.

July 27, 2010

Summertime Blues, blue hydrangeas, window

The Blues.
Blue shutters opening
to the blue sea.
Bluebells tumbling
from window box gardens.
Ubiquitous blue, blue hydrangeas.
Must be the summertime blues.
Pastel, 8" x 10",

SOLD Pennsylvania

July 22, 2010

July 14, 2010

Kids Play, at the beach

Hot summer night.
The sun is setting pink.
Satin sea edged in lace.
"Big kids" sit on watch.
Little kids play,
and play
and play
and play...

West Beach, Beverly Farms, MA.

Pastel, 8x10, $150.

June 30, 2010

Veiled. June bride.

Enshrouds us with humid days
and balmy nights.

Breezes swirl curtains to cool.
Nets protect from bites.

Blushing brides hide
their beauty and innocence.

Pastel, 5.5 x 7.5, $150.
[bride portraits available]

June 23, 2010

Gooseberry Beach-Newport RI

I'm waxing.
Back to 20 something.
I 'd drive to Newport for the day.
Lie in the sand
Under a beach rose.
Tan every inch.

Gaze at yachts, sailboats, mansions,
and be mesmerized by the aura
of a life I could not fathom.

Portion of watercolor, 11 x 12

June 16, 2010

Lone Kayaker

From the window.
A scene:
Crayon kayaks stand at attention.
Saluting a lone kayaker tending his fleet.
Watercolor, 8"x 10"

June 2, 2010

Travel Memories: Maine Cottage

Am feeling under the weather so I'm reposting an older painting that fits the season:

Sunlit curtains.
Rustic pleasures:
2 chairs, a table, a bed.
That's all you need on an escape up-country.

Pastel, 6" x 9"
Hand embellished gicleé print in frame,$100.

Without frame, $75.
[Original in artist's collection]

May 26, 2010

Wreath out to Sea, Memorial Day

It gets me every time.
At our beach they gather.
To honor soldiers, loved ones... ordinary people.
Guards salute.
A cannon is fired.
The wreath is cast into the sea.
It floats away.
Far away.
A lump in my throat.
Sand in my eye.
It gets me every time.

Watercolor, 5x7, SOLD [Massachusetts]

May 19, 2010

Pretty Positano, Italy, Amalfi coast

Travel Memories: Positano, Italy
Lemons, roses, olives perfume Mediterranean air.

Pale houses cling on the rocks like shells.

Le Sirenuse islands- one a hideaway for ballet great Nureyev- are in sight.
Capri lures in the distance.
My ancestors left their home not far from this postcard coast at the turn of the century.
How could they leave?
"Times were hard- no food to eat- no money to live," said my Aunt Theresa.
Now its beauty puts food on the table.

Now- we are here- and they are there.

But it's still my campagnia.

Pastel, 8x10
[SOLD original Georgia, Large Print-Georgia]

May 3, 2010

CONTEMPLATION, spring in Boston, cherry blossom, park

A walk in the park.
Teeming with people.
One person sitting Buddha-like.
Under the cherry tree.

Just thinking.
Separating from the environment.
Becoming the environment.

SOLD Florida

April 27, 2010

Swan Boats in Boston, garden, spring tradition

In 1877 they appeared.
The Swan Boats of Boston.
133 years later,
they still glide on the water in Spring.
How many traditions last that long these days?

Watercolor, 8x10, $200.