April 1, 2023

Travel Memory- France- Bohoy

Monet's Garden in Giverney, © Johanna Bohoy, 2007, Watercolor


I thought it ruined my day for Monet's Garden in Giverny- 

but surprise it was dotted with people holding umbrellas 

looking like flowers themselves.

"Fleurs de Provence" © Johanna Bohoy, 2009, pastel.


Artists come for the light.

As do the flowers.

When they die they still live.

Dried, and fragrant in sacks for sale.

"I'll take a kilo of rosebuds s'il vous plait."

"Paris Bridge" © Johanna Bohoy, 2008, pastel.

April in Paris–

Rain, rain, rain.

Gray every day.

Even at night.

Until the last- when the sun came out

and I learned why they call it 

City of Light.

    "Pink Calla" © Johanna Bohoy, 2007, pastel.

Nice Nice–

At the Nice flower market I bought a huge bouquet 

of pink calla lilies and other fleurs. 

Then; a bottle of wine, cheese, and bread. 

In the hotel room I savor the beauty of the little sculptures 

and the perfume that now scents the room, 

the glass of wine, a piece of bread, and a sliver of cheese. 

C'est la vie!