December 30, 2023

Dove embrace-painting by Bohoy

Our world is not at peace.

But I wish you personal peace for the New Year 2024. 

The earth needs an embrace from the dove which has become the symbol of peace.

Throughout history its meaning also denoted many things: 

  • It first appeared many times in the Bible representing innocence and purity
  • In Native American folklore it was a protector of warriors
  • In Aztec and Mexican tribes, the dove was used in wedding rituals as symbols of love
  • In Greek mythology the dove symbolizes Aphrodite the goddess of love; sexuality
  • In Japan a dove with a sword represented the end of war
  • Today:
  • Doves are released at the Olympic Games signifying peace among participants 
  • In certain cultures at weddings and funerals doves are released as symbols of hope
  • Political and anti-war protestors use it on posters as a message of peace
  • The UN uses the dove logo with an olive branch for their "Day of Peace"
Peace be with you.