April 5, 2017

Library ladies, Beverly Farms Library, Bohoy

Our Beverly Farms Library turned 100 this year. To celebrate, a group of Farms artists pooled together and individually painted scenes of the wonderful institution. My painting was based on my memory of myself as a young girl [older than the one pictured] discovering the library and all the books that I could check out for free! I went from shelf to shelf finding one story to the next that piqued my interest. Marie Antoinette, Anna Pavlova...
My exuberance overshadowed the fact that you could only check out 3 books– let alone read all of the books that I had accumulated. 
The library still evokes that same excitement when I discover a book of interest among the stacks.  

[Pictured here: the library checkout desk and smiling Librarian Kate.]

Pastel, 10x8, SOLD, Massachusetts

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